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Waiting for moderater to approve link


I know this is for security reasons - but this is really a pain in the ass. I am waiting serveral hours to get the link approved everytime I post something with an external link. And its more annoying if im waiting for fast help!.

Either you hire some more moderators or you figure out another way to handle this. It can not be true that one is supposed to wait serveral hours to get a post approved.

Rethink please !

Sorry for the bad vibes!

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Re: Waiting for moderater to approve link

The way to get around it is not post a valid HTML link, but use some obfuscation - wwwDOTbbcDOTcoDOTuk or some such.

That way at least you can get someone to look at it quickly, but it's a case of "caveat emptor" - I tend not to click on such links or many abbreviated ones for the obvious reasons.


Re: Waiting for moderater to approve link

I usually try to add the web links in Text File and attach it with the question or reply.

This way it will passed through the security checks.