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Y-Axis as Qualitative



Refer to attach, may I know how I can replace the y-axis as a qualitative value (not numerical)?

The geometry shapes represent the existence of it. Count of them does not matter, as long as there is the shape will appear. 


Dashboard 1.png

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Re: Y-Axis as Qualitative

what you are trying to achieve?

In any chart, at least one Quantitative metric should be included.

If you are trying to hide the y-axis, select the option 'Hide Axis' in Axes properties
Properties-->Axes-->Expression Axes--> Enable 'Hide Axis'
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Re: Y-Axis as Qualitative

Thanks for the reply. 

I need them to flag if exist.

For example, count(CIM) is not zero for Division (Compliance) and Risk Type (Fraud). Therefore, it will be marked by the blue circle.

Let me know if this require other types of chart or extensions. Thanks.