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Community Manager

Hello Qlik Community Members,   We have been very busy over here making strides to improve our Qlik Community.  We welcome feedback please share with us in the Community Corner. Thank you for all your efforts to help one another in the Qlik Community - this is, after all, what it's all about.  People helping People. 

1.  Blog Updates

  •  Blog authors may choose to publish a 'blog teaser' - 1 or 2 sentences that describe the article.  In the feed display on the main blog page, if a teaser exists this text will display in the feed,  otherwise body text will display.

  • Blog pagination.  For blogs with multiple pages of comments, we have added pagination possibility at the bottom of the page


2. Draft Articles -
Did you write a post, save it as a draft and now can't find it.   YIKES!
Well, we fixed this.  You can find all your draft articles on your profile page.  It's all the way at the bottom so you might have to scroll down a bit before you see it.    Your profile page is found right near your avatar (top right of community)

3. New Forum for Qlik Alerting
A new forum has been created for our newly acquired product f/k/a "ping" - the Qlik Alerting forum is now open and ready for business. Go ahead and have a look, ask a question or help another member.  

4. Popular Articles
As a means to surface more content in more places, you will notice the following update:

  • On discussion boards you will notice a new custom component on the right nav for most 'popular' articles.  Articles with the most likes will appear here. 


5. Gamification !
We have deployed a much needed update to our gamification system.  Keep in mind this is only phase 1 and we know there is so much more to do.   Please read this article to learn more about our gamification improvements and to learn about what's coming in Phase two -  send us feedback!    This was a very big deal, as it impacted every single community member.   We hope you like your new rank icon and all the new badges! 

6. Events and Webinars
We have improved how we organize events by type so that you can filter on the types of events that interest you (eg., podcast, webinar, etc).  We recommend you subscribe to the events page so that you don't miss any updates - this page is updated on a weekly basis.   

Tip:  Important announcements also post regularly to  our home page carousel so be sure to check there often.  


7.  Improvements to Search
We have enabled OOTB functionality to allow the user to determine their search 'reach'.   Both at the top level for global search as well as within the search field on each board you will have a drop down that will enable you to expand or narrow your search criteria.   If you select Knowledge Base this will retrieve articles that reside on document boards only.  


a hint at what's coming in June 2020:

- a new board dedicated to author written and approved articles by members of our support team.  These will be more "official" articles as only members of the Qlik Support Team will have the ability to publish here.  

- Featured member of the month!  We will soon start showing off those that contribute and help the most!  Stay close to the home page.  We will call this "Round of Applause"