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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello Community Members, 

We are pleased to announce that we have deployed more improvements to our Qlik Community as part of our redesign project.  Phase 1, which rolled out in December of 2020, is when we introduced new banner images sitewide as well as design updates to the inner pages.   Phase 2, which deployed last month, introduced a brand new home page, a new top level navigation as well as Unified Search.  We hope that you are enjoying the updates!  Today, our production push includes the following updates:

1.  New Imagery for Blog Page
We are absolutely in love with the new images designed for our very important Blog page.  This design is now in alignment with our home page design.   We encourage you to subscribe to  blogs as a way to stay current on everything happening here at Qlik. 

(old blog page design on the left, new on the right)

.  image.png

2.  New imagery for Groups
Group imagery has also been updated.   Page load times will improve second time you load the group pages because images are not cached in the first page load. 


3.  New Imagery on Resources page
If you have not yet bookmarked this page, you should.  The resources page will help you navigate the Qlik ecosystem.  We hope you find this page useful. 




4.  New imagery for Support Program - "Qlik Fix"
Qlik Fix is a series of short videos with helpful solutions to common Qlik questions.  Subscribing to this page is an absolute "must".   A special icon has been developed so you will know when content is connected with Qlik Fix. Thanks to  @Troy_Raney and @Andre_Sostizzo for all the great content! 

Qlik-Fix_Icon_Green.png             Qlik-Community_Qlik-Fix_Images_590x310.jpg

5.  An integration with Qualtrics
Rolling out as a pilot phase, and only on our Support Knowledge Base page, you will notice we have removed the kudos/likes (thumbs up) and replaced it with a 5-star ranking.  You have the ability to provide feedback to these very important articles in 2 ways  (a)  as Anonymous Feedback (b)  as a comment on post for full visibility.

As Anonymous Feedback:  When you scroll to the bottom of an article you will notice the 5 star rating: 
You will be prompted to submit additional feedback, which is optional. Also, you can expand the window in the lower right corner.


PS.  we know the scroll bar is a bit ... um, annoying but was not a showstopper to push forward.    We will work on that. 

When you submit feedback using this method it will route to a team that will be reviewing feedback submitted. We thank you in advance for taking the time to provide your input. 

You can also submit feedback as per usual, in the comments box - this will be visible to all. 

6.  Launched!  a new forum for Blendr.io
Our community forum for blendr.io is live effective today!  You will have a chance to meet new Qlikkies here and fire off your questions about our latest acquisition. Be sure to watch the 2-minute video.   
In case you missed the press release, we have included it here. 


We hope you enjoy these updates.  Leave a comment and tell us what you think or if you prefer you can message us directly  @Melissa_Potvin  @Sue_Macaluso .   Subscribe to the Community Manager blog so you can stay informed about future community  updates. 

See you online!
Melissa and Sue


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Great work to the Community team! Just when we thought it couldn't get any better. 😁


Very, very cool stuff!


G'day @Melissa_Potvin,

I appreciate the effort you're putting into making this web site the best possible site it can be.

I really like the new images for Groups. They are small and understated and don't take up too much screen real estate. It puts the focus onto the name and details about the group.

For the Blogs, could the images be smaller? I have a 28" monitor, and there are only 10 items on the page, but I need to scroll down quite a bit to see them all. Also, the Recent Blog Posts section is so far down that I didn't realise it was there - I saw it by accident.

Thanks for the opportunity to provide feedback.

Cheers, Barnaby.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @barnabyd ,   thanks so much for the feedback and I understand what you describe.   Would it work if we added a 'show more' on the page after the 1st row which would elevate the posts more to the top?  This is what we do on the home page (see screenshot).  Plus, this would enable me to not have to update the imagery : )  I do agree that the posts are too far down on the page.  Really appreciate you took a moment to provide feedback!