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May 18th, Changes to the way you login: using email vs. username. READ DETAILS/WATCH VIDEO
Community Manager
Community Manager

Dear Community,  When we launched on our new platform in November 2018 a very limited set of gamification options were deployed and an out-of-the-box ranking structure was utilized.   We are now evolving to the next phase.   On Monday, May 11  we are deploying 'phase 1' gamification updates to our Qlik community.    Phase 1 will accomplish 4 objectives:

  1. New Imagery
    Newly created by Qlik Brand & Creative Services Team, all rank and badge imagery will be updated utilizing the Qlik brand color palette and I'm confident you will find them far more fabulous than what we have today. 

  2. Increasing # of badge opportunities
    We have added over 50+ new badge opportunities! Which means you will be able to REALLY collect them and show them off on your profile page.   You can see what badges another member has by hovering over their name in the community.   While we know this is serious business, it is also meant to be fun!   (note: May 11, 2020 -  when we go live with the new badges this will trigger a notification alert in the community if you've already earned that new badge.  For our most active members, this may mean many system alerts.  For this reason we decided to do a slow roll out.  It may take a few business days for all the badges to be 'live' - this is nothing to be concerned about). 

    Order of the new badges going out:
    May 11
     -Likes Given 
    - Topics Created

    May 12
    Likes Received
    Replies Authored
    Solutions Authored

    sneak peek at a few of our new badges:  image.png

  3. New Rank Names
    New Rank names have been customized for Qlik Community. They are designed to show a progression in ones level of credibility and also to be globally easy to understand.   We vetted our rank names with our Community MVP's as well and we thank all MVPs for their feedback. 

    If your rank name was "Original Title" it will automatically change to "New Title" as follows:

  4. New Rank Icons
    Rank Icons are visual indicators of a persons rank. Our new rank icons are prominently displayed on user posts and on leaderboards.   Some ranks are receiving an updated image while some ranks had no icon whatsoever, so this is a nice improvement. 

To learn more about what changes to expect I encourage you to review the attached deck.    

There is so much more we know we can do with gamification.  Trust me, we know!  Please keep in mind this will be an evolution.  We hope you will enjoy the changes - we plan to deploy on Monday, May 11 - in the Evening (EST)

See you online and go get those badges!


love it!

Game on! 💪


There is no badge for Partner who is MVP and/or Luminary - just observation 🙂

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Lech! hope you are doing well. We do have a partner icon! Look above it is a handshake image.  Better then just a “P” ! 

but wait.. you raise an interesting point I think you’re asking if there is an icon for someone who is a partner and also an MVP and/or luminary correct? duly noted my friend... will action! 



correct - If someone is a partner and mvp, or partner and luminary, or partner and mvp and luminary then we dont have a badge for such scenarios. 

Although I would be more than happy to sacrifice my Partner badge for MVP or Luminary - if I earn it one day 🙂

Community Manager
Community Manager

This is correct. For now and in this scenario - if member is both a partner and MVP they would receive the MVP badge only.  


Also, It seems like once you get a rank like Partner, Support, MVP etc... the other score based ranks become irrelevant so you can be a Partner with theoretically newbie title or champion title, but you won't know what is your actual "earned" rank. Is this going to change?