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Community Manager

It's been months in the making.  Delighted to share with our members more information about our new navigation on Qlik Community.   Read on for what you need to know. 


Article Updated:  Sept 27 4 AM ET [Qlik Community Navigation Refresh Complete]

Most minor issues resolved.

[resolved] Issue found with top search icon: nav disappears when click; refresh page for nav to reappear. Please use search on body of Community pages.

Please report any problems to


Article Updated:  Sept 27 1 AM ET [Qlik Community Navigation Refresh Complete]
We are working thru a few minor issues, please report any problems to

More details in this article:    The New Qlik Community Header & Nav – What’s Changed

It's been months in the making and required involvement from many parts of the business here at Qlik; we are happy to share that we have a brand new navigation here on Qlik Community. 

It will feel different.  It will look different.   It will take some time to get used to the change.   

The challenge:  Navigation hover-over at the top level creates performance issues - a slowness I'm sure many of you have experienced.  Not to mention, important pages buried too deep in the navigation require many painful clicks to finally reach your destination.  Our data is clear as to the high traffic pages that you frequent and so we know with certainty what is important for new members as well repeat visitors. 

The opportunity:  To re-create the navigation so that we could:

  • reduce navigation clutter
  • add dynamic mega-menu functionality for more seamless wayfinding
  • reorganize content within the community structure

Reduce navigation clutter
To reduce navigation clutter we started by removing the sitemap leaving only a top level navigation.  It will be an intentional 'click' on your part to see what lies beneath each menu item.  Removal of the hover-over afforded us significant improvements in site performance, speed and page load times. 


Unauthenticated view



Authenticated view  (Partner)


Add Dynamic mega-menu functionality
The mega menu design can go multi-columns wide; allowing us opportunity to move things around as business needs demand.   You will no longer lose your spot where your cursor was hovering (thank you for tolerating that as long as you did).

Each link is intentionally placed with care and consideration for our members.  The mega menu can be easily updated putting us in a good position to respond to user feedback (we read your survey responses - hint hint!)





Reorganize content within community structure

Our forums will be reorganized and in some cases renamed.  Please take a few minutes to reacquaint yourself with all the updates.   We have provided a few different ways for you to find a forum:

  1. Analytics
  2. Data Integration
  3. By Product (alphabetized)

(example 1)



(example 2)




We've made it obvious when you are leaving the site with our new external link indicator. 



but wait there is more... 

Learn how to move to Qlik Cloud will be a brand new space in Qlik Community. 




Last but not least, take note of the reordering of mail, notification and search icons by your avatar.  The 'ask a question' button will shift just a little bit.  Melissa_Potvin_0-1663793029764.png


For any issues or concerns post launch please leave a comment here or write to us at:


We are here to help you in your journey with Qlik.  The Qlik Community Team is grateful for your dedication and membership and mostly for your commitment to helping others in this wonderful space we call Qlik Community. 

As always, we welcome your feedback.    

Qlik Community Team
@Melissa_Potvin @Sue_Macaluso @Jamie_Gregory @nicole_ulloa @emmaspickerman 


Issues we are working thru:

[RESOLVED] mobile device hamburger menu rendering in duplicate, under investigation
[RESOLVED] carousel on home page and throughout are not loading properly
[RESOLVED]bottom of home page  / filters not displaying properly and cards appearing in duplicate

[IN PROGRESS] fixing mobile display of header to include mail and bell notifications

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