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Community Manager
Community Manager

Qlik Community is more than just your average online community.  We are a true 'hub' destination wanting to connect our members to other members but also to help you navigate the Qlik ecosystem.  Over the past two years we have seen a massive spike in interest that the community be more than just Q&A.  While we certainly get that you come here primarily to have questions answered there is more to do here. 

This article is focused on raising awareness to the Events area within the Qlik Community.   Plus I hope to leave you with a laugh or two. Read on members!  

I'll fill you in on a little secret, we do NOT promote ALL Qlik events on the community.  In fact,  many that hit our desk are just not a good fit.  We make daily decisions on which events to promote here and have no intention to bombard you with content just because we have a page to do it. 

If you have not yet visited our Events and Webinar page, please do - you may uncover something of interest.  You can subscribe to the page to receive notifications.    Tell us what you think of the Events & Webinars page in the comments- the good, the bad, the ugly - we can handle it!   In the future we plan to connect the dots better; the intent is to bring event information to the forums where you spend your time - with no need to subscribe elsewhere. 

Speaking of events,  have you registered for QlikWorld Online 2021 yet?   We wish we could see you in person this year but it is what it is.  What I can tell you with certainty is this... the Qlik Events team put their heart and soul to ensure an incredible event experience.  So register now if you haven't already.  


Register here for QlikWorld Online 2021


To prepare for QlikWorld I was asked to prepare a video 😲 for the Qlik Community booth.  While I have to save the final video for the actual event I can share my BLOOPER video 🤣🤣  If you can't laugh at yourself who can you laugh at? 

See you online !
Melissa Potvin
Director, Qlik Community 



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