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Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

How to process real-time data in Qlik Sense

Is there a way to get data in real-time in Qlik Sense and dynamically update a dashboard and generate alerts via Qlik Alerting. Can we say use Qlik Replicate to get the real-time data from an Oracle DB and push it in Qlik Sense.  

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Hi @SanjeevAsher 

Let's put it this way. If you want to stream data in real-time using CDC (Change Data Capture) from source (OracleDB, MySQL, etc.) to one or many targets (DW, DL, relational DB, etc.) and minimal impact on the sources, then Qlik Replicate is the best suited Qlik product. Qlik Replicate is about data movement between sources and targets.

Now, in the BI layer, if you want to have access to the newest data (maybe stored in a target where Qlik Replicate is streaming data in real-time) from Qlik Sense without having to wait for the next app reload, then there's the Dynamic Views solution. Watch the following videos to get a good understanding of this solution:

Intro - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M60l1xjyNI0

Configuration - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LRrMDW7qUok

Finally, Qlik Alerting are data-driven alerts. Data can be scanned for changes after an app reload or based on a schedule. So, alert notifications will trigger as soon as the data in the app changes and certain condition (in the configured alert) is true.

I hope this makes sense and helps you understand the different components of the current end-to-end Qlik platform.

Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

Hi @Alvaro_Palacios 

Thanks for the explanation and videos. Along with real-time refresh on the dashboard we also want to be able to generate (near) real-time alerts based on that data. But for alerts seems like we will have to do the app refresh.