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Is there a way to auto reload data on Qlik Sense

I have the personal Qlik Sense Desktop versions. I would like to know if i am able to set up an auto reload for my data to update on my sheets. 

Currently I have to go into my data load editor and click load data, I'd like to possibly set up a task on my computer to do this automatically. I am not very familiar with the task scheduler but I feel like it may be able to do this for me.

If not the scheduler, is there any other way to set up an auto reload of data?

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Hi Grant,

Unfortunately there is no other way and most likely this is therefore we have the scheduler. Hopefully this will be more values to your business and a good ROI.



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I figured it was, but I am not sure how to set it up to actually load the data. Are you familiar with it?

Creator III
Creator III

Take a look at this thread How to reload a QlikSense application by command line ?.  Very informative (but beyond where I am with Sense right now).  It may help you on your quest though.

Failing that, I think some sort of windows scripting tool (autohotkey springs to mind) might be useful, basically it sits there pretending to press "reload data" every X minutes.  Looking at the network communication (Wireshark) might also give you an entry point..