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Contributor II

Is there a way to connect to Jive data?


I am trying to create a dashboard using the data in Jive for my organization. Since the data is quite large (18 days data = 4GB when exported as CSV), exporting it as CSV and then building a dashboard for a year's worth of data seemed not a good idea (if it is, please correct me!). Therefore, i am trying to look for a connector or a workaround by which i can query the jive database directly to build the model and hence the dashboard.

Thanks in advance!


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You will want to be talking to the Jive API to make calls against specific posts.  The details are here:

Jive REST API v3.14

You will need to use either the Qlik Web Connector General Web Connector or the Qlik REST Connector.

As Qlik use Jive for their own community platform it would be nice to think that they import information on site usage into Qlik for analysis.  If so they may be able to provide some pointers / code.

The person who would know what they do here is sli‌ , and I'm sure she will offer insight if she can.



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Thanks for the @ mention Steve. Yes we use Jive but I don't have specific details I can share with how to assist with this request. I do know that the version of Jive that you are on is important and that you would need to work with your Jive support team for assistance with cloud access etc.

Hope this helps,



Thanks for your thoughts on this Sarah.

If you could get the data out of Jive sensibly it would be interesting to see some Qlik Community stats in a Sense dashboard - which spaces are most popular, what times of day do people use it, where in the world are subscribers?  Probably not the top priority for the team though!


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Contributor III

I would be interested in this also