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Mongodb connection to qlik / Or mongodb bi connector

hi , 

we have in production VPC that is divided to 3 subnets , when our mongodb is deployed in subnet ( 2 , starting from 0 ) and is set with private ip and no access to the outside world , 0 privilege's , when i go over your options to connect my mongo to qlik cloud the only "mongo" option is to set a direct connection to mongo on port 27017 ....

and it's something that i dont want to do , at least i prefer to have an host name like https://qqqq/bi that will use 443 and redirect to mongo , but i cant find / locate any option similar to the above .

so ...

1. im using ec2 linux 2 machines .

2. i prefer not to connect directly to my database 

3. how can i connect via mongobi connector on port 3307 


please assist .

2 Replies

Hi @josephkenain 
Have you checked Qlik Forts?
This could be the solution for you are trying to accomplish.


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 unfortunately it's not the solution  we are looking for , 

i managed to connect an instance of our db via a secured tunnel ( not something that i want at all ....)