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Creator III
Creator III

Monitoring App - Connector Reply Error: Unable to connect to database "public"."log_entries"

Hell experts,

I am having the issue below. Getting an error message when loading the License Monitoring app.

License Monitoring app is giving an error message as below:

LogContent << governanceLicenseLog_7.15.0_file Lines fetched: 225,551
The following error occurred:
Connector reply error: Unable to connect to database: Connection failed: Please check the values for Username‚ Password‚ Host‚ and other properties.
The error occurred here:
db_check: SELECT "id" FROM "public"."log_entries" WHERE "entry_timestamp" >= '2019-06-10 15:26:55'
I have not made any changes to the app.
Any ideas?
Luiz DePaula
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Creator II
Creator II

Hi Luiz,

Did you resolve the issue? I was having the exact same issue but then I found this article that suggests that this is alright as long as we are reading the active logging files. The error comes up when the app is unable to read old archived log files post-upgrade. 



Deepti Singh


Deepti Singh