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Newbie - Troubling importing access database

Hello to all

just trialing sense desktop and qlikview

followed this video on the community

When i get to the Select Data screen

my database is correct

it shows all the tables and queries within the database

but when I click on a table or query it does not show the fields within that table or query

therfore I am not able to insert script.


anyone got any ideas why this is.

Qlik Sense 3.0

Windows 10 64bit

Office 2010 32 bit

Micosoft OBDC database driver 2010 32 bit installed ( wont install 64bit due to only having 32bit office)

Many thanks for any help or advice.

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Partner - Creator II
Partner - Creator II

Hi Michael,

Though i havent encountered the same issue but I have read similar issue in the following postQlik Sense 3.0 not showing columns on odbc 64bit import

No solutions yet for this problem.



Do the tech support team read these forums, as it seems an important bit is not working especially for newbies who want the program to work on a click and select level to then jump deeper once they understand.

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Hey Michael,

I agree with you on the support team. Somebody is approving this answers, but it seems that no one gives any feedback. This question arose at least 3 times lately. I am also a newbie and found a way to at least be able to continue the tutorial:

1. Instead of selecting a ODBE connection, I selected a OLE-DB connection;

2. In the "Create new connection" dialog :

    - Select provider : Microsoft Office 15.0(/12.0) Access Database Engine OLE-DB provider ; if you don't have this, just choose another close to this; (look for Microsoft Office, Access in case of access databases);

     - Data source: exact path, including file name;

     - Name it and CREATE;

Doing this I was able to see and select the fields needed.

Good luck.