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Contributor III

Office 365 SharePoint Connector - specific site authentication

Hello Everyone,

I would like to retrieve data from a 365 SharePoint site. I first tried the normal REST API path which does not work due tot he new authentication method that Microsoft introduce for those sites. I then tried via the web connectors but the Office 365 SharePoint connector requires to authenticate with admin rights against the base URL which in big organizations where everyone is creating a site for different reasons it's just not possible due to the sensitivity of the data.

Has anyone found a way to autheticate/retrieve data without having admin access to all the sites? Maybe using the simple General Web Connector?

Many Thanks



1 Reply

You should be able to read this data, only using Consent if you are an administrator:

Select a Prompt/consent level:

  • Consent: Choose this option if you are an administrator.

  • None: Choose this option if you are a user and your administrator has already consented on your behalf.

  • select_account: Choose this to select which account to use. This will interrupt single sign-on. It provides a list of all the accounts either in session or any remembered account. Or you can choose a different account entirely.

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