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I'm currently connected to a Database using the Qlik Oracle Connector by default. I have successful connection to it, can see all the tables and fields from the database. However, Qliksense is not "pulling" all the fields that I mark.

For example, if I select 13 fields (out of 101 fields that the table has), qlikSense only imports 6 or 7. If later I select the remaining fields (to reach/complete the 13 I need) via 'Add Data', I can see there's data throughput into my server, and Qlik Sense takes 5 mins or so to pull all data, finishing without a single error. But, when I check if the 'new' fields are imported, nothing has changed - I still have 6 fields.

Logs state:

18:19:48,818 [4] - QvxDataPipeWriter.Write started.

18:19:49,072 [5] - Connection string driver=Qlik-oracle;;port=1521;servicename=AAA;uid=cradba;EnableNcharSupport=1;QueryTimeout=-1;SQL_ATTR_LOGIN_TIMEOUT=120;

18:19:49,073 [5] - Staring ExecuteReader...

18:19:49,092 [5] - ExecuteReader done.

18:19:49,092 [5] - Start reading loop..

18:26:08,404 [5] - DataSourceReader: dataReader.Read() loop done.

18:26:08,404 [5] - DataSourceReader: dataReader closed.

18:26:08,404 [5] - LoadDataExecutive: Reading SourceData finished.

18:26:08,405 [4] - QvxDataPipeWriter.Write:  4338021 rows sent.

18:26:08,405 [4] - LoadDataExecutive: Writing QVX data finished.

18:26:08,407 [1] - RECEIVED: QvxRequest {Command=QVX_GET_EXECUTE_ERROR, Options={AllowPrompt=False, AutoCommit=False, ConnectTimeoutSec=, IsEmpty=True, LoginTimeoutSec=, Provider=, ReadOnly=False}}

18:26:08,408 [1] - SENDING: QvxReply {Result=QVX_OK}

18:26:08,408 [1] - SendReply(reply:QVX_OK)

Note I have changed the TimeOut to unlimited. QlikSense GUI doesn't show any error. In fact it says App Data was loaded successfully.

This is really making me crazy. Any ideas?


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For future reference, Apparently this is somewhat of a known issue. I think a workaround is just to click Load Data twice and the fields appear. Haven't tested this at the moment since I changed my data strategy (storing everything in QVD files now) - This doesn't mean its solved.

Note I'm using QlikSense 3.2

If anyone is facing this same issue, please collaborate with their own logs/scenarios.