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Qlik Rest Connection Pagination Situation

Hi to all, 

I´m tryin to make configure a Rest Connection to an Api that deliver 50 lines / rows per request. I all ready getting the 50 lines but I need to get all the data or  at least a month that is usually 1,000 rows

I need help or tips on how to configure the pagination section.

On the next images the Api Info, then The Pagination options and finally an example that I´m trying to implement with no results:

Paginación Repsly I.png

Captura de Pantalla 2019-05-10 a la(s) 2.19.57 p. m..png

Pagination Options

Opciones Conexion Repsly.png

Pagination OffSet aprouch:

Paginación Repsly.png



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