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Partner - Contributor

Qlik SaaS SharePoint 365 metadata lists table with filters

Our customer is migrating to Qlik SaaS from Qlik Sense on premise and they have some apps loading lists from Office 365 Sharepoint. In on-premise environment apps we use Qlik Web connectors. When we use the sharepoint connector we're able to apply filters to load just the data we need, using this query: 

Select * FROM [http://localhost:5555/data?connectorID=Office365Connector&table=Lists&subSite=sites%2fDMS%2fGestionS...]
where id = '$(vListas_id)';

Right now, I'm using office 3655 sharepoint metadata connector and I haven't found a way to filter the data I'm loading. For example, I used this query:

id = '$(vListas_id)',

However, this query just apply the filter on "id" field, but load all data from the other fields, and this isn't what I need. 
There's a way to filter the query as I did in on-premise Qlik Sense?
best regards. 

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Hi Paulina,

You should check the underlying formula for vListas_id

It may be constructed in such a way that does not work in the Qlik Cloud. ie; It may contain references to local server information or some other context related to on premise environment.

Other's here may also have an idea how to proceed as well

Kind regards...

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