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Qlik Sense Desktop connector-registry-proxy port

Hi there,

I use Qlik Sense Desktop and in my configuration I have to change some of the standard ports. I'm aware that I can do that through the file services.conf, inside the Qlik Sense Desktop installation directory.
For most of the ports, that works but if I change the connector-registry-proxy port to something else than 9051 (change the parameter --port=9051 inside the [connector-registry-proxy.parameters] block in services.conf) this doesn't really work.

The port gets bound to my specific port (e.g. 21100) but when I try to add data inside an app (Add data from files and other sources) Qlik just displays a spinning circle with the message "initializing add data" and shows an "unknown error occured" though.

I've figured out that it still tries to connect to the port 9051, no matter which port I've configured for the connector-registry-proxy port.
So for me it seems like the port 9051 was hard coded inside the Qlik Sense Desktop application or something like that. Is this maybe a bug that we could change the port through the services.conf file but that doesn't really work?

Thank you for your answer.

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