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Qlik Sense SAAS Error

Hi All,

Please suggest to me or help me to solve this issue.

When I am connecting to the Qlik Sense SAAS am getting the issue below although I have opened the firewall still am getting the same issue.
I have imported the transport files also and I have tested too that is working fine.



Test Connection failed: RfcCommunicationFailure: LOCATION CPIC (TCP/IP) on local host with Unicode ERROR partner '' not reached TIME Tue Feb 22 03:02:05 2022 RELEASE 753 COMPONENT NI (network interface) VERSION 40 RC -10 MODULE /bas/753_REL/src/base/ni/nibuf.cpp LINE 4580 DETAIL NiBufIConnect: connection pending after 60000ms SYSTEM CALL connect ERRNO 115 ERRNO TEXT Operation now in progress COUNTER 2

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Creator II
Creator II

If you're getting this on a Tuesday - good chance it is probably something to do with Qlik doing change releases.  The have a weekly Tuesday release schedule, which is great for new and updated functionality, but a humungous pain when you need to use the system to do your work.  Tend to get a variety of different error messages during this time.  It is a waste of time trying to troubleshoot them because they all automagically resolve themselves after a few hours.

If you're still getting the error message after a few hours, escalate it to your Qlik provider.