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Qlik Sense rest connection to mendix


I am using the qlik sense rest connector to a mendix database. When loading the data Mendix will regardless of any query parameter load the tables completely, causing load and stress on the database.

Is there a way to pass parameters in the load script that Mendix will pick up and search the result accordingly?

For instance I have a dashboard that shows data from orderpickers in the warehouse,  which has to be refreshed every 5 minutes. Now the when I start loading the data the load script fails and the mendix database is slowed down or crashes.

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We have the same kind of problem with Mendix.

Since the amount of data has grown we get a timeout with every connection and there doesn't seem to be a parameter for pagination that can divide the data in smaler chunks. 

Have you found a solution in the mean time?


I ran into the same issue and the only way I was able to partially solve the issue was by creating a new entity that stores a TimeStamp(LastExtract).  When the microflow is called via the REST API connection only entries with a DateModified timestamp that are after the LastExtract timestamp are pulled and then the LastExtract timestamp is updated to the current time.  Everything works well but the issue is if the Qliksense Load script fails later down the line, the LastExtract extract date is still adjusted and therefore doesn't correctly pull the newly updated lines. 

I am currently looking to see if there is a way in the Qliksense loadscript to POST/PUT back to mendix a flag at the end of the script to indicate all went well and then and only then do I update the LastExtract timestamp.