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Read from Azure File Share


We are trying to mount an Azure File Share to our Qlik Server. Our Qlik Server version is 13.62.7.  We have successfully mounted the Azure File Share to the Windows Server. However, when we try to create a connection we get an Access Denied error. We are using the UNC connection "\\some_server\some_folder" string. We can access files through Windows Explorer. We mounted the share under the Qlik service account. 

We cannot use any other connectors as our version does not support them. 😞 This appears to be our only option. 

We have used other mounted drives successfully. Just not an Azure File Share. 

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 

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Master III
Master III

Did anyone find a solution to this yet?

I have a customer in the same / similar situation: Access to the filer share as a regular windows map yet not able to connect to it via Qlik as we can with every other server or network drive / folder.

May you live in interesting times!