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Qlik Data Catalyst December 2019 Release SR2 (4.4.2) is now available.


Qlik Data Catalyst December 2019 Release SR2 (4.4.2) is now available.

SR2 (4.4.2) for Qlik Data Catalyst December 2019 Release is now GA and available on the download site at qlik.com.

This release includes the following fixes/improvements:

Support for no-auth authentication mode (12180)
QDC now supports an authentication mode where username is picked from the header and QDC logs the user in (users will not see the login screen). The user is authenticated through HeaderAuth (Header Basic Authorization) where username authorization is handled by AWS Reverse Proxy—after receiving confirmation that the user is authenticated, reverse proxy then issues a redirect to QDC or QlikSense. Resolves issues at customers utilizing Ping Identity/Federate in their SAML/SSO implementations.
QVD import failed with QS_Connection error (12118)
Upon upgrade to Qlik Data Catalyst December 2019, previously successful QVD imports passed test, save, path sync, and path acceptance but failed upon run execution with error like "Metadata processing error: core.error.code.QS_CONNECTION_FAILED – Could not fetch data from QS due to issues with connection for connector Id:2, name:qvdconnectortest." The cause of the issue was that if a Qlik Sense server had customProperties configured, Qlik Data Catalyst tried to process received customProperties as String arrays but Qlik Sense was sending them as Object arrays.
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