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Partner - Master

Debug an app

we've been using QDF for long now
but still couldn't resolve the issue of debugging a script in the QVF file
if I try to debug a script then the debugger would delve into all script files used by QDF and this takes ages
any idea of how be able to debug an app without having the debugger cursor go to all script files 

I can walk on water when it freezes
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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

I never used the QDF and maybe my impression how it worked isn't quite right ... Beside this I'm not sure if the debugger is an effective tool to find any syntactically and/or logically errors within a script. Personally I use it very seldom and the last time was for ages. IMO more practically is to add some TRACE statements and/or storing/keeping certain intermediate steps as qvd or within the app and then looking for their results.

- Marcus