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Partner - Master

How to reference script defined in Custom folder


in one of containers I've created a QVS file and named it 1.MyCompanyName
in this file I created a sub called myCompanyName.LookUp

now I'm working on a Qlik Sense dashboard
I initiated the framework as follows:

SET vG.RootContainer='lib://QDF_ROOT/';

SET vG.HomeContainer='lib://QDF_ROOT/2.QVD_Generator/';


and I got all variables starting with vG

for now everything is fine

now if I want to call the myCompanyName.Looup do I need to explicity include the 1.MyCompanyName.qvs or should the InitLink.qvs references the file by default?
kindly advise as now when I call my custom function I get an error when I reload the dashboard


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Partner - Creator III