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QMC Directory Service Providers using CSV

Hi All

As a Pilot we have successfully implemented SSO in Qlikview via OKTA authentication using ADFS and configurable ODBC option of Directory Service Providers under QMC but our client has some reservations in using external ADFS, Database, Custom Directory because of legal formalities.

Also, they have informed that other than ADFS integration, OKTA only has an option to import users directly from CSV to complete mapping or provisioning of users. Would like to request, if anyone is aware of a process to create users on Qlikview Server (QMC) via CSV directly without involving a database or directory.

Best Regards

Ankur Jain

1 Reply

Hi Ankur, the smartest is to send in the group attribute via the Okta user login, and use DMS authorisation in QlikView Server, and setup group access on applications based on this.