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Qlik Deployment Framework 1.5.2 released

Qlik Deployment Framework version 1.5.2 is now released, this minor version upgrade including better Qlik Sense support as well as fixes and changes. Download the update under Qlik Deployment Framework Deploy Tool

Whats new in version 1.5.2?

  • Added Qlik Sense initiation does not need a shared container
  • Changed IndexAdd behaviour, files are stored directly under 99.Shared_Folders\5.Config\Index no subfolders are created anymore (better Qlik Sense compatability)
  • Changed IndexDel behaviour, delete index and qvd based on the new index structure
  • Added QVDMigration.qvs and QVDLoad.qvs optional row limitation setting
  • Added QVDMigration.qvs transfer tags from source qvd files + add suffix as tag
  • Added support create multiple date fields and formats within a single CalendarGen command
  • Added Native Qlik Sense Calendar support
  • DoDir, Qlik Sense improvements
  • Overall Qlik Sense enhancements
  • Documentation improvements
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