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Upgrading to QlikView 12.20 SR1 (November 2017 SR1)


Hi All,


Good news so far....I have successfully upgraded from QlikView 11.20 SR17 to QlikView 12.20 SR1.


Step 1. Document and screen capture all the configuration screens.


Step 2. Backup all the *.pgo files and note all the locations. [Example: C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\QlikViewServer & G:\ProgramData\QlikTech\Documents (Access point)]


Step 3. Backup your copy of Settings.ini file.


Step 4. Renew your LEF file and copy it to your notes. (My Server can not talk to the internet hence to authenticate QlikView License I would need to manually enter the license information. ** Make sure your service contract is up to date before proceeding to upgrade**


Step 5. Uninstall the older version of QlikView from control panel.


Step 6. Install the new version of QlikView.


Step 7. Reboot your Server.


Step 8. Validate your license. (Enter license information and Apply)


Step 9. After reboot check all QlikView Services are running.


Step 10. New version of QlikView should be using all the setting from settings.ini file. No need to reconfigure the Server. Unless you wish to.


No change to OS. Still running Windows 2008 R2. Next year planning to move Microsoft Server 2016.


One bug I noticed is that you can not double click on " *.qvw “or” *.qvd ". It throws a licencing error message when you try to use a personal copy of developer. Even though I am leasing a license from the enterprise server.


In the new version you have to all ways open QlikView Desktop and point to qvw or qvd file.


Please notify me if there is a fix or work around for this issue.



QlikView 12.20 SR1 performance is fast and better performance when it comes to QlikView 11.20 SR 17.



Cheers and Good Luck to you all.



Message was edited by: Arish Selvadurai

2 Replies
Contributor III
Contributor III

Hi Arish,

are there any news / fixes about this "double click" and licence issue?


Creator II
Creator II

Hi Arish,

have you seen this answer:


So SR5 maybe fixes this.

Kind regards