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Version control - what files to include?


I'm currently developing a quite large solution with deployment framework and I'd love to use a version control for the project.

However what I should include to be kept under version control? Should I include all other files than the QVDs and QVWs?

How the system would work if there are multiple developers working for the same project? Are every developer having their own copy of the "source code" aka. the whole framework?


Br, Petteri

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To include: every object that one or more developers can change and where the change has to be revertible or changes have to be orchestrated (merged/synchronised/etc). This doesn't usually include .qvd files or other source data. Test data sets could be an exception, but hopefully you have scripts to generate test data. Store those scripts instead of the generated data. Qlikview .qvw document can also be version controlled. You could export the document layout and put the resulting xml files in your repository. Or you could use the Source Control option from the File menu. Use regular file system and database backups for the rest.

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Hi Petteri, Ive written a document on how to create a IDE environment including version control support.

Hope that this helps.


Qlik IDE Development environment.pdf