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AWS EBS option for storing big QVD files in File Server

Hi Folks,

Hope I'm posting this on the right channel.

We have multiple 10GB+ QVD files that's being updated 2x/day and are consumed into 5-8 apps at different times of the day.

Each app spends roughly 1 hour to consume the 10GB QVD file. The QVD contains fewer than 8 columns & it contains daily transactional records (after trimming the time elements).

I'm aware this question may be too simplistic as there are many variables that need to be considered, CPU, network bandwidth, etc., but generally, would you suggest which AWS environment for File Server purpose we could use to handle the above scenario ? (right now we're using m4.xl (gp3) with SSD = 5TB)

Do you think SSD general purpose (gp2) should suffice or should we consider provisioned iops (io1 or io2)? (or even FSx)

Thank you

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