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AWS restore to different machine (from AMI)?


I was wondering if anyone has tried to do a central node restore (from either a manual or via the RSM) to different EC2 machine in an AWS environment? I'm using QS 2.1.1 on a Window 2012 R2 server instance (EC2) and I've take backups by both methods. (Both seem successful.)

I'm trying to test out restoring to a different instance to the one I took the restore on. The principle being that we might loose the instance, and that we have launched a new instance to replace it. We then want to install a new QS server (same version) and then restore from the backup.

The restore seems to go fine and all the services start, however I can not access the QMC and there is an error message to do with the repository. I've noticed in the notes on restoring here:


Just under the heading 'Restore Procedure' it states:

"When performing the procedure below you must log on using an account that had the root admin role in the site when it was backed up. If you log on using a local admin account and the machine name is different, your permissions will not follow through."

So, does this mean that if we want to maintain an AWS qliksense deployment (where we are not using Active Directory), we would still need to have AD to enable us to do restores onto different instances?



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Replying to an old thread here, but davevernon‌ - did you have any success on this?

Any insights you would share about Sense in AWS -- and the backup and restore process?