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Access Azure Storage as datasource from Qlik Sense Server


I try to access an Azure Storage with QVD-Files from Qlik-Sense-Server. With the option "Create new Connection" --> "Webfile" I was able to access single QVDs with the correct URL. Azure Storages can be accessed with https-Web-URLS. But I don't want to create a connection for each QVD-File. Is it possible to create a Datasource-Connection to a whole container of an Azure Storage or to virtual subdirectories within the storage?

Thanks for Help & Best Regards,

Matthias Siegert

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Hello Matthias,

The easiest way to accomplish what you want it would be by adding a loop logic in the script editor that would check and load all the QVDs that you have available in a given location. there are other entries in community blogs that explain in detail how to do so.

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Hi Jesus,

the problem seems to be, that you can access directly network-directories but not webdirectories. So it is possible to create a connection to a folder (Which must be accessible by File-System) and to a webfile. But I miss a connection to a webdirectory with https to loop over it.  So the question is how to use a webdirectory as a location.

When you know a suitable solution for this as a Thread in this community than I would be glad, when you tell me the link.

Best Regards,

Matthias Siegert