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Access QVD through shared folder Qlik Sense


I would want to access QVD files to load data through a shared folder.  Actually I'm using also Qlik View and I would like to reuse the generated QVD which are located on another server.  Then a shared folder between the two applications seems a good compromise.

However the reload task or the modification of the data model online (Qlik Sense server) is not working because of "Access denied".  I think the user who is trying to access the folder is not the one connecter to the server but the scheduler of Qlik Sense INTERNAL\sa_scheduler.  When I import the application into Qlik Sense server the data is well loaded (another user used ?) but after the data cannot be reached anymore.

Is there a way to change the user used to access the data or to give him the appropriate rights ?


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Not sure if I understand your question, but

I assume you have created a folder connection to your QVD's in the data load editor.

You should also ensure that the user that you assigned to the Qlik Sense Scheduler Service (services.msc) has at least read rights to the folder where the QVD's are stored.

Contributor II
Contributor II

I have the same problem (i want to use QVDs created from QlikView server, for other analysis in QlikSense), did you solve it?

I cannot reach the server with IP address (10.x.x.xxx)  by creating a new connection folder from QlikSense. I'm administrator in both machines.

The strange fact is that with Qlik Sense desktop runs quietly!!

I hope you can help me, thank you in advance.

Have a nice day


Please let me know How qliksense Desktop runs with this issue?

Can you Please provide me the way through which i can connect to the share folder..

Thanks in advance

Contributor II
Contributor II

Simply i created a new connection writing the IP of the QlikSense server / c$ /...browse to the folder...


Obviously you need to be able to access the server.