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After installation identified problems: Start Management console and HUB

Good afternoon!

After upgrade, Qlik stop working. Deinstall and intall not helped.

Release Nov,2019 to release February 2020.


Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard

RAM: 16 Gb


Antivirus software - No.

Local port 4432 is open.



The installation was successful. After installation identified problems:

 Start Management console and HUB.


When you open the address:

https: // <real name>/qmc/ or https: //localhost/qmc/

https: // <real name>/hub/ or https: //localhost/hub/


the browser opens the page with the following content:

This page can not be displayed

  • Make sure the web address https: // localhost is correct.
  • Look for the page with your search engine.
  • Refresh the page in a few minutes.


Start the following services:


QlikLoggingService Log on. \ Qlik_service

QlikSenseEngineService Log on. \ Qlik_service

QlikSensePrintingService Log on. \ Qlik_service

QlikSenseProxyService Log on. \ Qlik_service

QlikSenseRepositoryDatabase Log on Local System

QlikSenseRepositoryService Log on. \ Qlik_service

QlikSenseSchedulerService Log on. \ Qlik_service

QlikSenseServiceDispatcher Log on. \ Qlik_service


User qlik_service - an Administrator



Encountered a problem:

QlikSenseRepositoryService service stop.

At the time of the stoppage occurs Entry Logfile:

C: \ ProgramData \ Qlik \ Sense \ Log \ Repository \ System \ <real name>_Service_Repository.txt


Sequence#      ProductVersion          Timestamp      Severity          Hostname       Id        Description            ProxySessionId          ProxyPackageId         RequestSequenceId   UserDirectory UserId ObjectId            ObjectName   Service            Origin  Context           Command       Result  Message          Id2

1         20200324T095516.006+0300           ERROR          <real name>    6d27ee8b-b2c4-4f7e-bc4c-0a360ea15976            Command=Start repository;Result=-2146893804;ResultText=Error: Invalid provider type specified.        0          0          0          INTERNAL   System            0          Not available  Repository      Not available            Not available  Start repository           -2146893804              6d27ee8b-b2c4-4f7e-bc4c-0a360ea15976

2         20200324T095516.009+0300           INFO  <real name>    8ebc759c-8db0-4a7f-b8a8-a83c4522fd87            Command=Stop repository;Result=0;ResultText=Success  0          0          0          INTERNAL            System            0          Not available  Repository      Not available  Not available  Stop repository           0            Stopping Repository and calling shutdown events, due to: stopped by Windows service manager            8ebc759c-8db0-4a7f-b8a8-a83c4522fd87

Options have been tried solutions, described here:

-Check the FIPS option is described here:

FIPS - disable

Detected no certificate QlikClient

Restoring the certificate in accordance with:

The result - negative. The certificate has not recovered!

Editing the registry was carried out according to:

The efficiency of HUB and Management Console not restored.

What should be our steps to start QlikSense?

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Creator III
Creator III

hi @maks248 


Did you find any solution to the problem?





Hello @pauljohansson ,

Do you have a similar issue as the one described here?

Kindly notice this post is quite old, so I would strongly suggest to open a new one.



Please, remember to mark the thread as solved once getting the correct answer