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Specialist II
Specialist II

App cache time setting for a reloading node


For a  pure reloading node (that is one where proxy is not running,  so it's not used as a frontend)

would it not be best to set the Engines App cache time setting as low as possible, just 1 minute or so?

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Contributor III
Contributor III

IF the node is not even load-balanced to Proxy-Engine node then yes, the smaller the better. 


If it's not used as a front-end node, then the vast majority of the RAM overhead from an app reload will be discarded. This is from a test reload I just ran.

2020-06-12 10_00_39-Window.png


We have a spike initially as the app is reloading, then a drastic discarding of RAM immediately post reload, then a subsequent dump after a few seconds (the individual measurements are on a per second basis).