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Contributor III
Contributor III

Can you scale Qlik sense on AWS using auto-scaling to manage demand?

Hi, I have read through the Qlik Sense on AWS white paper and the deployment guidelines for multi node deployments. I understand that you can separate tasks for different nodes for reloads and authentication etc. I did not see any examples where the engine service that is delivering the applications to end users gets scaled in an auto scaling group. Like instead of having a big machine running all the time, can I have a smaller machine running until it gets utilized when too many people access the applications at once, and have that auto scale to trigger more nodes spinning up to manage the increased workload?

I'm sure someone else has asked this but I can’t find it... please send link and I will read up. Thanks!

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Mainly I'm just following. But we got word that the answer is "not currently" any easy way to autoscale a multi node cluster in AWS. Not natively supported in the application, and there are issues with autoscaling Qlik with Windows server (they were unable/unwilling to articulate when pressed). But there seems to be some way around this in 2019.


Has there been any development on this?
I am aware that I can deploy in Kubernetes, but that is a major step compared to auto-scaling in AWS.


Qlik Sense auto-scaling in AWS would be a really powerful feature for managing the user/customer experience to infrastructure cost relationship for non-containerised deployments. Does the capability exist yet? Is there any chance this will happen?