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Partner Ambassador
Partner Ambassador

Changing Qlik Sense Server Domain

Hi Guys

One of our clients is creating a new domain, and as part of this project, would like to move their QlikSense server to the new domain.

I've had a look on the Qlik Help, and there doesn't seem to be any recommended steps for this sort of move.

Our initial thoughts are to do the following:

  1. Create a new local admin account on the server, give this rootadmin access to QMC
  2. Create replica accounts on the new domain for Qlik Services etc
  3. Change the domain on the server
  4. Change the Qlik services to the new AD accounts
  5. Log into QMC as the new local admin account
  6. Change ownership of apps
  7. Configure UDC on new domain
  8. Ensure new AD users users have correct tokens etc

Another idea is to uninstall and reinstall the QlikSense environment once the domain is moved?

Has anyone done this before? Any thoughts or recommendations?

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Contributor III
Contributor III

The attached instructions are now 2 years old.  The SQL in them didn't run in my pgAdmin tool.  I couldn't find one of the tables.  I don't know if they got rid of it or changed the name.

I have tried to get updated instructions from Qlik and they want me to use consulting services to do this work.

I gave up and just built new servers from scratch and migrated the apps over.

Partner - Contributor II
Partner - Contributor II

@Michael_Tarallo  Could you please share the ppt with me as well? mailid is available in my profile. TIA!

Contributor II
Contributor II

It is quite sad the lack of support from qlik to perform actions like this one. We are failing to configure a new NPrinting server that we have just bought the license because of a domain issue. I have opened a case to get assistance on how to perform a change of server domain and I was instructed to go for the consulting services as environments can differ. Currently, there is no budget for that.

The idea of having to configure a new server and migrate the apps is really upsetting. Even if I will probably stick with qlik after we figure this out, I cannot say the same about the management and the users that will lose personal sheets, bookmarks, etc.

Partner - Specialist
Partner - Specialist

Is there an update available to this document?
I tried following it with Sense Februari 2021 but the QSR table LocalConfigs is not available?

Contributor II
Contributor II

in the instructions here is missing an essential step that is described here:


Qlik Sense: Hostname (und Zertifikate) achtern ändern ... - Qlik Community - 1713945

Digital Support
Digital Support

On this topic. Please see the following article:

Qlik Sense and changing the Active Directory Domain name 

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