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Contributor III
Contributor III

Cloud Edition of Qlik Sense - Shared Spaces

Hi world,

From what I understand, the way to give someone access to an app you have created within your personal space in the cloud edition of qlik sense is to:

1: create a space

2: add people to the space you have created

3: move the app from your personal space to the shared space, by click on the 3 dots and clicking move

My problem is however that this doesn't work!  Once the app has been moved.  It moves back to my personal space.  Every time I repeat the above 3 steps.

There is also no "publish" button or anything else to "share" the app with someone.

Can someone please help me out?



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Digital Support
Digital Support

@Blunck-TotalFitouts, I was able to test this successfully on the currently in production Qlik Sense Enterprise on Cloud Services and Qlik Sense Business. There was no rolling back of the move.

Have you been able to test this with a space that has less users? Perhaps there is an issue with permissions for specific users or license allocation? I would start with a blank space and see if you are able to move the app to that space, then start adding specific users to the space.

Hope this helps!

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