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Create custom content admin role

Hi everyone,

I need to create a custom administration role, it's a content admin with less privileges that I need.

I already spend time on it but it's not working as expected yet... 

I know that there is probably two security rule that needs to be created, one for app*,Stream* privileges and another one for QMC sections.

My need is to give only Apps and Tasks qmc sections, with some privileges

on the Apps section I need the admin (which is a user also) to see only the apps that are published on the stream that he has access to, with Export, publish and 'reload now' privileges (I don't think there is a configuration to only remove the create_new_task_button, but it would be great if I can grey this out).

On the tasks qmc section, I need the admin to see only the tasks related to the apps that are only published on the streams that he has access to.

I figured it out to open qmc section and open privileges, but as soon as I add a condition like this user.@custompropertyX=resource.@custompropertyX to the security rule, the list of apps are restricted correctly BUT the export privilege is greyed out (even with the export and exportdata selected).

Can someone help me please ?

Thank you


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Hello @YoussefBelloum , 

Have you seen this?

I think adding the rule for Export with resource.HasPrivilege("read") should accomplish what you are asking.

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Hi @Jay_Brown 

Thank you for your answer.

I didn't read that specific article but I have already implemented the resource.hasprivilege("read") for something else. but I'll definitely give it a try for this scenario.

I'll let you know.