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Deleted Login Access and user of user access Tokens

Hi ,

I used one token to make a login access for test. But, I deleted it after.  However, in the allocated tokens by access type chart it shows that login token has not been released and I can not allocate this token to any other user access nor login access. Also, I allocated another token to a user access and then I deleted that user now, it shows that this token is used by deleted user which is quarantined. How can I release these two login and user access tokens to re-use them. We are limited in number of tokens.


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Partner - Specialist III
Partner - Specialist III

first you need read help about token usage.

quarantine for User access pass - 7 days

for Login access pass  more complex

The login access pass tracks the number of logins and runs over 28 days. For example, if 1000 logins are assigned to Group A, the users in Group A can use 1000 logins over 28 days. If 100 logins are consumed on Day 1, the 100 logins are available again on Day 29.