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Contributor III

Dev-Hub: Create Mashup: Works partially: Won't create HTML File via network access: Works when logged in internally


AWS instances: I have 3 other Qlik servers running, 3 different AMI's and creating a mashup works properly in all of them.

The current one the 2/2022 AMI partially works.  It is not the AMI as I've used one of the working AMI's to launch a new instance in the same network configuration and it also fails.

See image attached for the browser network trail.  Note that's about 17 items, the ones that work have over 100.

Basically when creating a mashup on the server (the one discussing) by logging into(RDP) the Windows 2019 server instance, the mashup creates no problems and I can drag and drop objects to it in dev-hub there.

However, when accessing through the network via okta proxy it partially creates with basically no errors except 404, can't find the <mashupname>.html file since it never creates.  All other files, css, js,. qext and wbl all get created in the server folder under extensions.  Note this is a basic mashup creation.

I've reviewed everything multiple times and cannot determine why this occurs from the network side.  No errors logged in QLik logs other than the 404 can't find resource.  Of course not a lot of activity exists in the logs concerning the mashup b/c it doesn't get very far.  I logged in on the server side as the master qsserviceaccount and it worked fine.

All other configuration items on the windows server are setup exactly the same (ignoring the virtual proxy) as the other servers.  What is strange is that no network errors are logged as if the issue disappears into the ether.

Since a number of users are developing on this server, plus testing daily by other users(for hours) it is configured from a network perspective properly apparently for the most part.  For some reason, can  only create a partial mashup without html file.

Note I do not use any secure file filtering on the server side and as I mentioned any account(I've tried myself and qsservice account) locally logging in through RDP all work internally to create mashups just fine.

Once I create the partial mashup I can click on the html file which is nothing but <div></div> and enter ABC and the file saves to the server folder as div...ABC...div. 

However if I try to take the correct creation HTML(from one of the other servers-not attached below as the attach files tool won't allow it) and paste it into the HTML pane and save, nothing gets saved.  Then if I overwrite that with "testing", the testing word saves as the html.  Clearly something is  not allowing std HTML to be saved.  What this has to do with the original file not being created, IDK.

OIDC is the same virtual proxy setup as another server that works for mashups.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.









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Did you check what exactly blocks or fails when you try to load mashup html file by using developer tools in Google chrome?

Can you access Qlik sense apps and its objects fine from same path? if yes, then something is not allowing html file access. It looks like more network issue than Qlik.


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Contributor III
Contributor III

Yes, I mentioned that the server is being used by a number of users for development and I have 3  others  servers  working.  I'm was trying to eliminate Qlik as part of the problem.  Been through dev tools, it's not a browser issue as the same browser is used for servers that work for mashups(in the case I mentioned).  It is probably a network issue  in how the sg's, vpc's and subnets were set up but that person has left the building.