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Creator II
Creator II

Displaying Qlik Sense on unattended devices

On the factory floor, I have a number of TVs with Chromebits in kiosk mode displaying web dashboards through the Rise Vision app.  It has worked great for years with some simple web apps that I coded myself from scratch.  Now that I have access to Qlik Sense, I want to replace these home-grown dashboards with more powerful and pretty QS ones.

The problem is that these Chromebits need to somehow log into Qlik to be able to show anything, and I'm not sure how to do this without requiring a person's involvement.

One way would be to pass a username and password to Qlik via a URL, but I can't find anyone saying that it's is possible except for in this one post - and that person did it via a workaround that I don't fully understand:  Custom login page can skip Windows authentication popup in every browser but Firefox

Someone else at my company found success by using a Raspberry Pi instead and using a Chrome Extension to automatically fill out the username and password prompt when it appears.  As it stands, it seems that I must either figure out how to do the same for Chromebits or abandon them and duplicate what he did via the Pi.

However, this all seems like it ought to be simpler and less hacky.  Surely, we can't be the first company to want to display Qlik Sense dashboards on passive, unattended devices.  Are we overcomplicating things?  Is there a standard way of doing this?

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