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Error 500 - Internal server error Cannot establish a connection to Qlik Sense: Qlik Sense Management Consol


I have install Qlik Sense server on windows 2012 box.

It was working fine. I did some config change in to create elastic ip then host name has been changed.

I have removed Qlik sense server and reinstalled but it does not help me.

I just wondering is any work around to fix this problem.


Quinton Gregory

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Dear Quinton,

I will suggest you to check the Qlik Certificate installed on your cloud instance. Once the host name has been changed, the root and client certificates will be invalid since they are named by your server host id.

The quickies way to verify that (If you are using the same user account installing and running Qlik Sense Service):

  1. Stop Qlik Sense Repository Service (this will also stop the other services)
  2. Open Microsoft Management Console (MMC). Important: Run this as the account configured to run the services (Run as... )
  3. Add snap-in for Certificates: My user account and Local Computer account
  4. In Certificates - Current User > Trusted Root Certification Authorities > Certificates, delete the certificate created by QlikSense, issued by your "Old" computer, computer.domain-CA
  5. In Certificates > Current User > Personal > Certificates, delete the certificate named same way
  6. Delete same thing in (Local Computer) snap-in > both Personal  and Trusted Root

    7. Start all Qlik Sense services again. (When you start Repository service, the CA will be generated again again the local domain name)

Please confirm if this solves your issue


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Hi There,

I followed the quick installation guide in order to do the following:

1) Setup a service user

2) Make sure you have the correct computer name

3) When prompted for the central node (in relation to certificates) make sure to use the same computer name (i.e. remove the .home or .local off the end of it)

The other issue I had was using an old internet explorer version, which was failing due to some JS errors.  Installed v11 of IE, then cleared all history of Qlik off the machine and started from scratch.

Seemed to work fine then.


Paul Dutton