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GetScript gives Access denied error for the apps that i do not own using the Qlik cloud Api

I am using enigma.js and attempting to get load script using GetScript() method of App. When i tried to use GetScript() method for the app, load script is received for the applications that i own but not for any other ones.

It gives me error "Access denied " for the other apps that i don not own. Is there a way to get load script for the apps that are not owned by the authenticated user to Qlik cloud? As the GetScript() only works for the apps that are owned by the authenticated user.

Authenticated user has "Tenant Admin" and "Developer " Role assigned.

Is there any solution? Please suggest.



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While not explicitly called out here (https://help.qlik.com/en-US/cloud-services/Subsystems/Hub/Content/Sense_Hub/Spaces/managing-shared-s...), the user must be the app owner to access the script at the current juncture ("Open and edit the data model in Data load editor or Data manager" section is where it scopes even without the explicit word script).