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GitoQlok Extention For Chrome

Dear all,


I'm trying to find an easy way to export and import data from different environments inside the QMC of Qlik Sense.

I've found this site that explains about a powerfull-easy to use tool called GitoQlok (name changed from GitoQlik).

This is the site URL for refference: https://motio.com/exporting-and-importing-security-rules-qlik-sense-to-git/

In my company I cannot install chrome extensions directly without whiten the file.

So after I've done all the needed steps I managed to add the extension but I'm facing weird behaviour.

The version on GitoQlok I installed is 1.9.72 

When I go to Hub (tried in all environments) I can see the extenstion and when I click on it, it shows me the options but when I click on any of shown options, nothing happens. (attached screen shot).

Now I tried also to access QMC and use the extenstion from there and also faced weird behaviour.

for the test QMC environment the icon of GitoQLok is gryed out, cannot use it.

In all the other QMC environments the Icon is green but when I click on it I get little empty squre. (attached screen shot).

I've also tried to check the configuration of the extenstion and also got an empty blank screen. (attached screen shot).

Does anyone faced similler issue and managed of find a solution ?

This tool can really help a lot when it comes to manage and backup Qlik Sense, at least when it works 🙂

Any support on this will be appreciated.

Thank you,

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 Hi @_Adam_  as this tool is not supported by Qlik you would need to troubleshoot this yourself. A first step would be to check in the Dev tools of Chrome. To see what is happening when you try to use the tool.

If you cannot resolve the problem, another option is to simply back up the QSR database, as this is where the security rules are saved in a table name "SystemRules".  You could back up the entire DB or simply backup the SystemRules table using a tool like PgAdmin. 

Backup single table 


hope this helps