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Help for Upgrade from June 2020 - Windows Server 2019

Good morning.

I've been assigned with getting Qlik Sense up to date asap due to the recent security fix given.

Current Configuration :

Windows Server 2019. Qlik - June 2020. DB --> Microsoft SQL Server 

So is the below order or sequence is correct for my current version ?

1, November 2020

2, May 2021

3, May 2022

4, May 2023

5, November 2023 and Patches



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Partner - Specialist
Partner - Specialist

I usually go by the Feb-releases, figuring Qlik usually introduce the most new features with May releases and then most issues should be sorted by February. But May releases should work that also.
But between steps 4 & 5 when you have updated to May 2023 you must then update the repository database before you can continue with next release of Qlik Sense.
For this use latest version of Qlik _PostgreSQL_setup, your version of Sense should be May 2023 IR (no patch installed).
Doing such an update will take time and I usually go to May 2023 the first day and verify that is working.
Then make sure we have a new snapshot/backup of the server before
continuing with PostgreSQL and the final updates on a second day.