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Creator III
Creator III

How do you give everyone in an active directory access to the Everyone Folder in Qliksense?

Hi all,

How do you give everyone in an active directory access to the Everyone Folder in Qliksense and the apps therein?

I have 4000 users so don't want to give individual access

I'm sure this should be very simple but i am struggling with applying this scenario.

Any clues would be most welcome as always

Thanks in advance

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Hi Tim - You would have to use the Custom Properties (CP) feature for this.  You can create a CP called 'Stream' and select 'Stream' as the resource type.  Next, create a CP Value (example: Qlik - All AD Users) which resembles an AD group name.  All of your AD users can be part of this group. 

CP for the Everyone stream can be selected as the group name value you had created.  Now you will have to setup a security rule which would give access based on the users' group membership, if that group name matches the CP value selected for the Everyone stream. 

Here is a helpful link on this topic: https://help.qlik.com/en-US/sense/June2017/Subsystems/ManagementConsole/Content/use-custom-propertie...

Hope this helps.



This may be a silly question - have you sync'd all the users from AD to Qlik?  You have set up a rule to assign a token to each user or users session?  I thought out of the box everyone had access to the everyone stream...


Everyone stream from Qliksense is by default accessible to all the synced user from Active directory.

Creator III
Creator III

Yes i thought that was the behaviour and it appears to work like this on a previous test install of Qliksense, I have an additional complication of trying to sync 2 different active directories - I need to solve one issue at a time really