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How to assign bookmarks to users

Hi all, we are migrating a dashboard from one server to the other. Seems like nothing is foreseen to cope with this in the QMC. Some of our endusers have made their own bookmarks. How do I migrate those so that the app incl. bookmarks looks exactly the same to all users before and after the migration?

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I thought that bookmarks and stories went with the app when you export and then import. 

The problem that I am thinking of is the users need to be the same on both servers.  Otherwise I don't know how the new app would recognize these for the users that existed on your other server.

I have not tried this yet.  But in my case I load my users on my Dev server using Excel and then they are local users on the server. 

When I get apps to Prod the users there will be created using AD.  So I'm thinking that could be a problem.