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How to restrict no.of User Accesses per group


I am new to qliksense  so help me with this query

Consider there are 100 tokens available in the qliksense environment which are shared by  3 divisions of an organization

Division 1 - 30 tokens allocation planned  and 30 tokens  used

Division 2 - 30 tokens allocation planned and 20 tokens used

Division 3 - 40  tokens allocation planned and 10 tokens used

Now the questions is how to place rule to avoid one division utilizing the token of others

for eg : if new user are added to Division 1, how to stop the user from utilizing tokens of Division 2 or 3.

Please give me a sample of the rule.



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Master III
Master III

Get the 100 names. Manually hand out the 100 tokens.

May you live in interesting times!
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Hi Onno van Knotsenburg,

100 is just a notional number. If users run into few 100's it will be difficult to track.

Thank You..



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Hi mrunkind,

You cannot plan a set of token out of total token. Each User allocated manually one by one.

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Ok .. Thank You.. Rohit

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Qlik token is the only licence model , so users get allocation individually.

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