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Contributor III
Contributor III

How to trigger app reload in cloud when QVD is updated through Qlik Data Transfer

Hi Everyone,

We are migrating from Qlik View to Qlik Sense Cloud in hybrid phase

  • Qlik View - will continue to generate adn store QVD files on a local file server.
  • Qlik Data Transfer - will push this local QVDs to the Qlik Cloud spaces.
  • Qlik Cloud - we will create dashboards here using QVDs pushed by Qlik Data Transfer.



  • There are 40 QVDs in one folder on local file server (reloaded every one hour by Qlik View).
  • Qlik data transfer is pointed to this folder and it pushes the changes every hour to Qlik Cloud.
  • Qlik Cloud has 12 apps that consumes combinations of these QVDs.



  • What is the best way to trigger an app reload in cloud as soon as a qvd is updated in cloud?



  • I am aware that Qlik Data Transfer does have a feature to automatically trigger reload off an app in the cloud as soon as a the QVD is reloaded.
  • But there is no option to pick an individual app against a QVD, as in our case we have 40 QVDs in a folder that are being used by 12 different apps in coud.
  • So I could not find an option to pick and chose which App to reload in cloud upon updation of which QVD.
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Creator III
Creator III

HI @lwp89 

I'm not sure that this is possible at this time.
Perhaps you could raise a feature request here: