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Partner - Contributor II
Partner - Contributor II

I can't access the QMC or hub to verify that the migration was successful.


Currently, in the Qlik Sense version upgrade support project, we are proceeding with the work by referring to the contents of the following URL. "Restoring the Qlik Sense Site" Final Step "Access the QMC or Hub to verify a successful migration." At the stage of, when you open QMC, the menu is grayed out and it is inoperable.


Because there was no document for the administrator of the version before the version upgrade in the archive,
Refer to the manual of a close version

Old and new versions
Before version upgrade: November 2018
After version upgrade: February 2022

Work policy
Migrate the current assets from the current environment before the version upgrade to the new environment after the version upgrade, restore the site, and restore the site.
Upgrade the version of the new environment to "February 2022"

Supplement of the state that is occurring
"(Server name) _System_Proxy.txt" states "The existing connection was forcibly disconnected from the remote host.
Unable to read data from forwarding connection: The existing connection was forcibly disconnected by the remote host. There is a message

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If the QMC is greyed out after the restore most likely reason would be the account used to log in might not have a Root Admin privilege. Is it the same account that is used from the old server to new server?

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Hi @Vikram_Jayakumar,

Yes if the QMC is greyed after a restore it mean the account you are using is not RootAdmin in Sense.

If you dont know how to do that I invite to open a case with us.

Also after a restore you need to make the path for the shared has been changed -